The Collectors Club FAQ

What is the Collectors Club?

The Collectors Club is BY JOHNNY's exclusive loyalty program, offering 3 loyalty levels for our valued customers. For every dollar spent you will earn points to redeem for vouchers that can be used on any full priced item on our online store, and as you progress through each level of the Collectors Club, you'll unlock new benefits along the way.

What are the levels and what do you receive?

There are 3 Levels of the collectors club. To unlock each level you need to reach a minimum spend within a 12 month period.

LEVEL 1 - $0 - $500 Spend
At this level you will enjoy: 100 Style Points for signing up, 1 style point per $1 spent and a special gift from us on your birthday

LEVEL 2 - $500 - $1100 Spend
At this level you will enjoy: 1 style point per $1 spent, a special gift from us on your birthday, exclusive content and early access to Collections launches and sales

LEVEL 3 - $1100+ Spend
At this level you will enjoy: 1 style point per $1 spent, a special gift from us on your birthday, exclusive content, early access to collection launches and sales as well as a VIP 10% discount for use on all Full price orders.

What are Style Points and how do I earn Style Points?

Style Points are the currency of the Collectors Club program, as you are rewarded points you will be able to redeem vouchers to use on future purchases. As part of the Collectors Club program you will receive Style Points for every dollar that you spend as a member.

There are also various other ways to earn points by taking actions such as sharing your birthday, following us on instagram and facebook and subscribing to our newsletter. Occasionally we will share offers that will enable you to redeem more points when purchasing.

How do I get access to The Collectors Club?

If you have a customer account with BY JOHNNY, you will automatically be granted access to The Collectors Club. You can log in via the Collectors Club portal here. If you don't have a customer account with BY JOHNNY, you can create an account and sign up to the loyalty program by clicking 'SIGN UP' via the Collectors Club Portal here.

What benefits and rewards will I receive as part of The Collectors Club?

Each Level of the Collectors Club will unlock benefits such as birthday gifts, exclusive content, early access to collections and sales as well as VIP discounts. When you enter a new level, you will receive an email notifying you of the benefits you have unlocked.

As you accumulate Style Points, you can choose to redeem them for vouchers, to the value of $40, $60, $80, $100 or $120, that can be used on any full price item on our e-store. Once you redeem a voucher you will be provided a discount code within the Collectors Club widget, simply copy and paste this code at checkout to receive as a discount off your next order.

Can I redeem multiple rewards in one transaction?

Only one discount code (or reward) can be redeemed at the checkout at any one time. If you have multiple coupons in your account, you can choose which coupon you want use from the widget, then copy and paste the code to redeem at checkout.

Are my gifts and rewards refundable or exchangeable?

All gifts and rewards that are issued to you are non-refundable or exchangeable. For further information on this, please read our Collectors Club Terms and Conditions here

Do the codes issued for rewards expire?

Yes, all reward vouchers are subject to a 3 month validity once redeemed for points via the Collectors Club widget. After your redemption code has been issued, if the reward is not used via our online store before the expiry date, the reward voucher will no longer be redeemable with the period unable to be extended.

Do purchases made prior to joining The Collectors Club count towards my point earnings?

Unfortunately not, you will only be eligible to obtain points on purchase that are made after you have signed up to the Collectors Club.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

Of course not, we want you to get the most out of the Collectors Club and the more you earn the greater reward. There is, however, an expiry date on points. Your Style Points will expire 12 months after the date of earning activity. This means that your Style Points balance may go up or down on a daily basis as credits are earned or expired.

What happens to my style points if I cancel or return an order?

When you cancel or return an order, your Style points that you earned will be deducted from your account. Similarly your annual spend with be decreased in line with the refund, this means that if you moved up a level as a result of a purchase that you are now returning, your level will be downgraded in line with your spend.

Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Yes, please click here to see the full Terms and Conditions for the Collectors Club.